Family Gem Premium

$0$2.99 Lifetime
Import GEDCOM✔️✔️
Export GEDCOM✔️✔️
Share a tree✔️✔️
Save diagram as PDF✔️✔️
Merge two trees✔️

Coming soon

Family Gem Premium will be available starting from version 1.0 (March 2023).

Lifetime subscription

Premium is a lifetime subscription: you will pay once and you will get it forever.

Features included

At the moment only one feature (merging two trees) will be available subscribing to Premium plan.
All Premium features that will be introduced in the future will be automatically include on the same Premium subscription, without any further recharge.

On all your devices

Premium subscription is linked to your Google account, so you will get it on all Android devices you are logged in with the same account.

Safe payment

Purchasing is done through the trustworthy billing system of Google Play.