Family Gem Privacy Policy

By Michele Salvador - Version 0.5 - May 26, 2022

App general use

The Family Gem app usually doesn't collect any of your personal data.

All the data you insert into a tree, created from scratch or imported from a GEDCOM file, are stored on your device only.

Sharing a tree

The Family Gem app can collect your personal data in case you share a tree.

When you go to the Share page and you click on "Share", a copy of the tree is uploaded to the server, to be available for download by the recipient of the sharing.

The data uploaded to the server are:

Apart from sharing a tree, there are no other ways that Family Gem collects your personal data.

How your data are used

The tree you shared is used for these purpose:

Data uploaded to the server are kept private and never shared with any third parties.

How long data are kept

Your shared tree is kept on the server, available for download by the recipient of sharing, for one month.
After one month all the data are automatically deleted from the server.

You or the sharing recipient can in any time delete the shared tree before one month, by opening the sharing link and clicking on "Delete the shared tree".