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Share a tree

Family Gem allows you to share a tree with uncle Bill who's living far away.

Uncle Bill will receive a copy of your tree on his Android device (smartphone or tablet) and yes, he needs to install Family Gem to open it.

Then he can modify the tree, and send it back to you. Finally you can import your uncle's modification into your family tree.

To share a tree follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Go to the list of trees

If not already on the Trees page, open the main menu and tap on Trees.
The list of available trees will show.

2. Open the sharing page

In the Trees page tap on the 3 dots beside the title of the tree you want to share.

In the menu tap Share.
The sharing page will open.

3. Choose the sharing settings

In the sharing page you can:

Finally tap on SHARE. After a while a list of app will appear.

4. Send the link with your favorite app

Choose from the list your favorite messagging app (Wathsapp, SMS, Email...) to send the link of the shared tree to uncle Bill.

Sharing completed!

(Uncle Bill will follow these same 4 steps to share the tree back with you).